Xuewu Zheng -<Centry Text>

From the artists’ point of view, each unfolded slide is a beautiful picture made up of numerous units of character. The formal appearance of bamboo slides combining together to display the writing desks and boxes they use, so what they present is the traditional China's visual beauty. If the single work is loaded into 10 Slides’ boxes or displayed on 10 writing desks of Slide, they are like essential items in poets’ and literary men’s homes, which are so friendly as can be seen daily. When all the works are displayed well, I would feel the solemnity like terra-cotta warriors, and the solemn mystery like and the Royal Collection Institute in the imperial city. 

photo: Xuewu Zheng

Xuewu Zheng -<Tiger>

Cloth tiger is one of the most common folk toy, as well as one of the most widely known folk arts. In addition to toy cloth tiger, there are still several other practical cloth tigers, such as tiger shoes, tiger hats and tiger pillow etc. It should say it is widely recoginized as a traditional image. Folk art forms are numerous: wood engraving new-year paintings, paper-cuts and kite, etc. I only chose cloth tiger as representative of these forms and want to use this point to discuss the embarrassing condition facing folk art and traditional culture today, so as to arouse people’s recognition of good things left by forefathers in the contemporary culture level and let these things have a vivid life.

photo: Xuewu Zheng

Shufeng Kuang

Penglai Ocean Polar World, Paleontological Fossil Wall.

Shufeng Kuang

Large Traditional Murals of Foguang Temple in Yunlong Mountain, Shanxi Province, China

60mX5.6m, propylene, canvas,2010

Heshun foguang temple in Shanxi, located in the scenic National Forest Park yunlong mountain, the entire building of foguang temple in the tang dynasty Zen temple "Garan seven temple" regulations, can be described as magnificent, elegant and elegant intentions. Architecture and natural landscape are integrated.

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